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Polygamy, Polyamory is Monogamy the Only Way? →

In modern Western society, we have seen a great emphasis on marriage. Lately, with all the talk and news surrounding the marriage equality movement, it has become a very divisive issue in the public consciousness. In engaging in the ongoing public debate, an extremely common argument made is that allowing same sex couples would lead to all sorts of things like people marrying objects or people marrying animals OR people marrying more than one person.
So the first two make absolutely no sense whatsoever, as neither objects nor animals can consent so…that is really a non-issue. Despite this whole argument being a “slippery slope” fallacy, I would like to take this opportunity to challenge our boundaries on the third.

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life’s what you make it ;) 


life’s what you make it ;) 

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Yes, We Are Polyamorous: 1st Polyamorous Union Certificate in the World! →

CONGRATULATIONS! This is really inspiring for all polyamorous unions.


On January 13th of 2012, the triad Anita Barbosa, Naldo Costa and Suh Lee (picture), brazilians, gave a step forward to get their poly relationship legally recognized.

“For the first time in history we got a document with a state seal/stamp (which means it’s suitable for legal purposes)…

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Love’s new frontier

It’s not monogamy. But it’s not cheating or polygamy, either. It’s called polyamory,

Polyamory is “America’s Next Romantic Revolution”

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‘Traditionalists Better Get Used to’ Polyamory

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What many people don’t know is that there is a fairly secretive population of people in the Western world who practice polyamory — not for religious reasons, and not for the purposes of having orgies, but rather because they have found that it’s the kind of relationship that makes them happiest.

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Very open-minded discussion on the morality of Polyamory →

A well-written article with a plethora of level-headed comments and thread-like discussions.

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